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Le confort et la vitesse d’un boyau ! 

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Meteor Pro

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Ce sont les avantages d’un hybride dans un seul cordage qui apporte le confort d’un boyau et le contrôle d’un Mono.

Le contrôle est proportionnel au poids sur la balle, c’est pour cela que nous obtenons une optimisation du cordage bien souvent par :

  • + de contrôle = avancer sur la balle
  • + de confort = plus de touché

Le Meteor Pro va vous apporter les sensations nécessaires pour optimiser le contrôle.

Nos recommandations de tensions sont les suivantes : mais la raquette et la machine à corder utilisées sont susceptibles de modifier ses recommandations.

Meteor Pro 1,25mm : 21 à 24 kg

Meteor Pro 1 ,20mm : 20 à 22 kg

Le Meteor Pro contribue au plaisir de jouer. Le tennis doit être un plaisir même si la pratique est exigeante.

Informations complémentaires


12.40 m (Clam), Bobine 200 m


1.20 mm, 1.25 mm

2 avis pour Meteor Pro

  1. Konstantinos Kalfountzos

    I’ve now played about 8+ hours with the Meteor Pro 1.25 with a 305 gram, 16*20, soft racket. Different balls used, different levels of hitting partners and hitting intensities.

    The Meteor Pro 1.25 on this control-oriented frame offered me:

    + excellent sensation upon contact on flat hitting from the baseline both on the forehand and backhand side
    + medium launch angle
    + enough power to defend and attack
    + predictability in terms of depth
    + moderate access to top-spin (I only hit with top-spin inside the baseline)
    + excellent results on approach slices
    + good pop on first serves and enough bite on the slice serves
    + durability in playability
    + comfortable to use it from day 1

    – moderate access to spin with this tight 16*20. The 1.20 could offer more assistance on spin-shots depending on your technique.

    !!! You can use “kalf20” for 20% off and watch some hitting clips on my Instagram page to make your comparisons to your level/style of playing and take my feedback into consideration or not.

    * with several other strings there have been situations I’ve felt uncomfortable at medium intensity of hitting. The Meteor Pro 1.25 seemed it can be used by a broad level of players.

  2. Konstantinos Kalfountzos

    L-Tec Premium Meteor Pro 1.25 22.5kg x Elevate V3 FS98

    Played great with different balls, hitting partners, intensity levels. Durable.

    Baseline: the string offered great sensations from start to finish. Minimal break-in period. Ready from the get-go. Hitting flat from the baseline gave predictable depth and power. Coped great returning fast balls with control and minimal soreness. It’s slightly livelier than the Celeste 1.25 and the ball would stay in the stringbed just a little longer.

    Forehands: great blend of directional control and power without being too stiff. Not launchy at low 20s. From the mid-court, because it’s not entirly circular, but has “shallow ripples” on it, it gave some extra assistance on top-spin shots, but nothing too crazy.

    Backhands: flat backhands were executed as good as the forehands. I could defend and attack. Slices were just above average in terms of extra help that shaped strings usually offer to the expense of a higher launch angle, but approach slices were maybe the easiest and the best to execute so far.

    Netplay: blocked and volley-ed several shots. The stringbed felt comfortable and not launchy and directional control was exceptional.

    Conclusions: easily one of the top-3 strings I’ve played with a 98 sq inch racket, because of the easy way the flat strokes were hit, the approcah backhand slices would stay super low and long and last but not least, the excellent serve-returns I could aim for either the centre of my partner’s baseline or hit return with a clean forehand or slice backhand. Very few of those two found the net or sailed long, so it gave me confidence to grab more opportunities to stay in the rallies.

    Comfort: ⭐⭐⭐⭐➖➖
    Stiffness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐➖➖
    Power: ⭐⭐⭐⭐➖➖
    Ball pocketing: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐➖
    Spin: ⭐⭐⭐⭐➖➖
    Feel: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    * take advantage of a 20% discount by using “kalf20” and try at least one set of it! Maybe you could like it as much as I did and buy a reel next time!

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